Chasing Houses

+++ Chasing Houses wins “Best Documentary” at New York Film Week +++

+++ Chasing Houses at Künstlerinnenprogramm, November 4th,

21:30h, Arsenal, Berlin +++

D 2017
60 min, HD Video

The road movie follows mobile homes accross the highway, connecting the grandiose vastness of the American West to the transitory nature of the homes and the tenuous life stories of their inhabitants. In fragmented stopovers, the film revolves around questions of home, belonging, wealth and the American Dream. Sketched encounters with a former Las Vegas showgirl, a desert recluse, a Navajo couple and a Tea Party member reveal views of hopes and dead-end prospects, class conflicts and the „moving-on mentality“.

Director / Producer: Justin Time
Camera: Stefan Auch, Zebediah Smith, Justin Time
Sound: Nicholas J. Little
Montage: Sebastian Winkels
Sounddesign /-mix: Manuela Schininá, Brooke Trezise
Creative Advising: Simon Brückner

Mike Luxton, Reanna Alder, Justine Carrelli, Donald Stout, Jimmy Black, Tyler Wells, Nancy Mason, Fernando Gonzalez, C.E. Holland, Andrew McDonald, Dennis C. Novotny, Rich & Don Rudy-Gamble, Leslie Zwingli & Richard Forcier, Marty R. Pigue, Ronald & Violette Pavatea, Velta Crank, Bill Gaines, Shirley Husted, Fabian Rodriguez, Danny Webb